How should I wash Sasawashi products?

Do not use bleach or laundry detergents that contain bleach. (*1) We recommend the use of a pH neutral detergent for frequently used/washed items. Please wash all Sasawashi items in a laundry net.
Sasawashi fabric absorbs sweat and oil, and if you do not wash your items regularly they will oxidize and damage the fabric.

(*1) Bleach is a powerful stain remover, however it may damage Sasawashi fabric. We recommend using detergents without either chlorine or oxygen bleach to extend the life of your product.

  • Use a Net

Will Sasawashi products absorb the dye from other items when washing?

Sasawashi is highly absorbent. Please wash all Sasawashi products with similar colors, as the dye in other fabrics may run, especially if washed with white Sasawashi towels. Some bath bombs and fabric softeners may also stain Sasawashi fabric.

How should I dry Sasawashi products?

Do not machine dry any of our products with the exception of bed sheets and covers such as duvet covers, pillow cases, etc. Please air dry all other Sasawashi products. Sasawashi fabric is twice as absorbent as other materials, so it will take longer to dry.

  • Tuble Dry(Only Beddings)
  • Dry in Shade(Other than Beddings)

How do I remove wrinkles?

Spray the item with water and smooth out any wrinkles by hand, or iron in steam mode.

About pile fabrics

Although Sasawashi sheds less than other fabrics, it can develop loose threads, especially on towels and mats. Please check for and remove loose threads regularly. Please wash these items in a laundry net to extend their life. Do not machine dry. Check the care instructions on each item for more detailed advice.

Cut Off Loose Threads As Soon As Possible