Comfortable and Healthy Life

SASAWASHI is a new material that combines
the advantages of each “WASHI” and “KUMAZASA,”
which have been supporting life in Japan.

It has natural antibacterial and deodorant power.
It is light and highly absorbent, and provides good UV protection.

The wisdom of life that our ancestors learned empirically,
has been revived in modern times with the new technology.

SASAWASHI Excellence

  • POINT1 Excellent Absorbency

    Dry and Comfortable Washi

  • POINT2 Natural Ant ibiot ic, Deodorant Ef fects

    Clean KUMAZASA

  • POINT3 Gentle to the Skin

    Naturally derived and Safe

  • POINT4 Washable

    Happy to be washed

  • POINT5 UV protect ion

    Happy to be washed